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I stuff our memories
Into an empty jar
Shelve it far in the back
Hope you will fade to black
But I hear you whisper
Sour nothings to me
Like a melody
I wished it stop repeating in my head
When I think of you
You keep walking down that aisle
But your wedding ring is already tarnished
The damage is done.
The day my heart went numb
Is when mother cried
You kept saying she is fine.
But I ran to her otherwise.
You were once a dream
That I wished came true
Watch me graduate,
Get married, and
Have a kid or two.
But once you stepped out
You became a shadow
I can barely make out.
A tragic memory.
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How can I be happy
And have all this glory
While my mind feels useless
And on its knees.
I tried to stay away from online’s
But it Buzzfeeds me with curiousity
And surrender.  
I stopped calling my mom
Because I was busy screwing with Tumblr
Tumble. Tumble. Tumble down the rabbit hole
Of reblogs.
My hands fondle with the keyboards,
Ignoring my friend’s hand
To hold hers.
I was stuck in this digital affair
Trying to find a short cut without
Getting a virus.
Snapchatting how pretty I am
Not knowing how far away I am with
Getting defensive about one missed call
Questioning why grades are down in hell
Blaming myself for Facebooking my life on feeds.
Instagram can’t filter this mess
This stress
I should get better.
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Becoming Sakura
I wanted to be Sakura.
Turn myself into a Japanese cartoon.
Save the world from
Tarot cards that cast
Water, fire, earth, wind.
My hero.
I wished I was Sakura.
I wanted to be Sakura.
Going through middle school,
I was lost, wanted friends and nothing more.
Staying home,
I wanted to say “I love you” to mom but
Didn’t know how.
Sakura didn’t have trouble at school nor
At home.
I wish I was Sakura.
I wanted to be Sakura.
So naïve but brave.
She lived in an animated world with
Magic and talking chibi lions.
Sakura saved her Tokyo with her friends
And awakened magical powers.
God, I wanted to be like Sakura.  
I wanted to be Sakura.
My father was barely around.
I watched him drive away to work
Slept as he came home tired.
At Sakura’s dad smiled at her
When he came back from his job.
I wished I was Sakura.
I wished I was Sakura.
But my mom needs me.
Sakura’s mom died
After she was born.
My mom still needs love.
I am the only one who will m
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Isn't my Amethyst shining?
My gem displays such
Potential of what I can do.
The power to shape-shift as anyone
I want. The possibility of
What can be.
Isn't that exciting?
But you want me to be a
Pearl and garnet. Now.
You demand me to be that warrior everyone wants, a Garnet.
And be that elegant maiden everyone expects, a Pearl.
It's so easy
To say that I need to push myself
To become that person.
But to what direction?
I am scared to leave the person I barely know
For the person I can't be?
I didn't ask for this
No matter how I want to change
I didn't ask to be this way
No matter how I asked God to fix me
I'm just that character
Who wants to sleep, eat,
And play all day.
I didn't ask to be made.
So funny but average.
Supports the protagonist
And make them the star
While I tarnish like the rest
Of used gems.
A lazy, forgotten character.
I really want to scream,
Declare that I don't care!
I don't care anymore!
But I do
I want to whip out anything
That reminds me how much I hate myself.
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Pyro Kinomoto by 4everkissme Pyro Kinomoto :icon4everkissme:4everkissme 0 0 Raven Kinomoto by 4everkissme Raven Kinomoto :icon4everkissme:4everkissme 0 0
Quit Standing Still, Cinderella
“Hey guys!” I said when I saw the guys walking into the studio. The U-Kiss gang is all here—Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kevin, and Jun. We’re going to record a new song I had written for them after they came back from their European vacation. I have been their lyricist and friend for a while since I arrived in Korea as a college student. It’s weird because I never thought I would make it this for to not only making my dreams come true, but also meeting the group who helped me become the person I am today. I was only a sophomore in college when I ran into the CEO of NH Media. He told me my online poems and lyrics were amazing and I should come meet their group U-Kiss for their next comeback. Back then, I really thought he was kidding. When I agreed and met them in the flesh, I was in for an adventure.  
“Hi Asela!” Kevin smiles and gives me a quick hug. “How’ve you been?”
“Great!” I respond. “Now that
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Jealous? (U-Kiss Instagram Edition) by 4everkissme Jealous? (U-Kiss Instagram Edition) :icon4everkissme:4everkissme 0 0 Stuck In This (Stupid) Cage by 4everkissme Stuck In This (Stupid) Cage :icon4everkissme:4everkissme 0 0 There's a Monster Under My Bed! by 4everkissme There's a Monster Under My Bed! :icon4everkissme:4everkissme 2 1 Towering Portals by 4everkissme Towering Portals :icon4everkissme:4everkissme 1 0
Ringing in the New Year!
Now it's the time
Ending an old chapter and opening a new one
With a big grin on my face, despite having some concerns running in the back of my head
You and I will be surprised by what this year have in stores!
Even if we enter another roller coaster ride,
A new year, a new day, a new dawn will soon arrive
Ready for the main event?
2nite, let's celebrate the end of an old year, and welcome the new
0 regrets, 110 plus more victoires
1 step at a time (cheesy I know, but trust me on this).
4 you and everyone in the world...
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If Asela wasn't Asela...
She could've been skipping classes
and doesn't bother doing her homework
like she was suppose to.
She could've worn clothes  
and makeup
that you would see on People Magazine.
She could've constantly cuss
without a care if a child is around.
She could've been a rebel
getting to constant fights, with her mom alone,
and run away from home.
She could've ruined your life
manipulate your mind with sugar-coated compliments
then in the end, leave you damaged and angry.
She could've been a living nightmare  
Everything you'd fear of
Somebody who was born and raised in hell.
She could've...
But instead,
She always comes to class
and does her best to finish her homework
whether she might get a good grade or not
She always wear comfortable clothes
but wears no make-up
like People magazine wants her to wear.
She usually watch what she says
whether the person is an elder or a child.
She doesn't bother being a rebel
Thinks getting into fights is a waste, taken from her mom,
and t
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Out of the Blue
We were strangers
Who happens to be co-workers
developing a strong bond by day
then later
making love by night
So how come…
All those happy memories,
Those roller coaster moments,
Those embarassing times we end up cherishing,  
Those untouchable days
Those unforgettable stories
Would lead us back  
To being strangers?
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Dear Person I Like,
I never met you
You don’t know me
We never crossed paths
We live separate lives.
You don’t know me
You hardly aware of my existence
We live in separate lives
But will we cross paths?
You hardly aware of my existence  
And that’s okay
But will we cross paths?
You tell me.
And that’s okay
I don’t expect you to find me
You tell me
when we can meet.
I don’t expect you to find me
You don’t need to search high and low
when we can meet
I guess maybe God will decide
You don’t need to search high and low
You’re not in a rush
I guess maybe God will decide
When its time to begin our fate
You’re not in a rush
It’s too soon to share my affections
When its time to begin our fate
Maybe we can finally meet.
It’s too soon to share my affections
I never met you
Maybe we can finally meet
Though we live in separate lives.
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Unfortunate Communication
It was a mistake
I swear.
I didn't mean to create such chaos.
My sleep deprived mind
got the best of me.
I shouldn't have pushed you
to the edge
when you keep telling me,
you weren't ready.
I was careless.
Yes, I now notice it.
I didn't know
up until now.
What an excuse, right?
Some friend I am.
I truly am sorry
for the damage I've caused,
for breaking your heart
without any purpose,
for not being a friend
who sits down and listen to you sob
hours on end,
for all the things I've said
in the past,
including the words
I've spoken five minutes ago.
It was my fault.
I'll take the blame.
I'm sorry.
I won't be offended if
you stop speaking to me
seeing me
or giving me  
a chance to smile with you.
I would've done the same thing
if I was in your shoes.
Some person I've become.
What an excuse, right?
It was a mistake.  
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  • Listening to: BoA, Crystal Kay, and VE "Universe"
I got tagged by MaryKosmosVer2


1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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About Me:
- I'm majoring in Creative Writing 
- I currently attend Southern Oregon University 
- Recently, I went back to (slightly) obsess over Yu-Gi-Oh DM
- But my favorite anime and manga is still Cardcaptor Sakura 
- My favorite music group is U-Kiss 


Q. What's your favorite anime character? (If you don't have one, just name a specific cartoon character or such.)

A. Wow, that's hard. I would say either Yami Yugi/Atem from YGO DM or Sakura from Cardcaptors

Q. If you heard of Super Smash Bros. Brawl Four, which characters are you looking forward too?

A. I look forward for the return of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. 

Q. What was the last thing you copied?

A. As in copied from a printer? Copied from the computer? ????

Q. What is your favorite Vocaloid? (If you don't have one, just name a specific singer you like.)

A. I don't have any, but I recently really like Priscilla Ahn's music. 

Q. What is your gallery mainly about?

A. Various attempts in digital art, photography, and literature.

MaryKosmosVer2 's Questions:

Q. Who are some of your favorite voice actors/actresses and why? 
A: Dan Green (he brought Yugi and the Pharaoh to life), Queen Latifah (I have so much respect for her and her craft), and Jackie Chan (Because I grew up watching Rush Hour and Jackie Chan Adventures, he, in a way, inspires me to do my best <--cheesy...) 

Q. If you could induct anybody for the Shonen Academy Hall of Fame, who would you pick and why? 
A: I would pick Pharaoh Atem/Yami Yugi because he is amazing as a leader and duelist. 

Q. Do you think it's wrong for male characters to be moé and/or feminine? 
A: Nope. 

Q. What are your favorite video game franchises and why? 
A: Sonic the Hedgehog because he has fun games to play and his character is always refreshing. 

Q. Any advice would you like to give to the Shonen Academy? (If not, any shoutouts would you like say?) 
A: A shoutout to everyone at Shonen Academy-- keep doing your best!  

My (4everkissme) Questions:

  1. If you could describe yourself as a dessert, what kind of sweet would you be?
  2. Finish this sentence: I came to this city to play a card game on ______________! (Brownie Points if you actually this reference)
  3. Would you rather be a famous YouTuber or Viner for one night? Why?
  4. May I have this imaginary dance? 
  5. Can you do a fun drawing of my twin sisters, Raven and Pyro (if you can't draw, then maybe your first impression of them)?   

I tag: 
- torakun14 
- guitarknight36 
- BKrootz 
- XxKawaiiDreamxX 
- DragonBladerX  
- JoUzumakiWeasley 
- deiBBF4LIFE 
- SnowNinja123 
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- PersiaYukitsuki 


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Asela Lee Kemper
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm an aspiring lyricist/poet/writer who dreams of traveling to Korea someday.
I love U-Kiss, uBEAT, Michael Jackson, TLC, music of many genres (especially old school music!), art, entertainment and Asian cultures (mostly Korean and Japanese).


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