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“Hey guys!” I said when I saw the guys walking into the studio. The U-Kiss gang is all here—Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kevin, and Jun. We’re going to record a new song I had written for them after they came back from their European vacation. I have been their lyricist and friend for a while since I arrived in Korea as a college student. It’s weird because I never thought I would make it this for to not only making my dreams come true, but also meeting the group who helped me become the person I am today. I was only a sophomore in college when I ran into the CEO of NH Media. He told me my online poems and lyrics were amazing and I should come meet their group U-Kiss for their next comeback. Back then, I really thought he was kidding. When I agreed and met them in the flesh, I was in for an adventure.  
“Hi Asela!” Kevin smiles and gives me a quick hug. “How’ve you been?”
“Great!” I respond. “Now that we’re back in the studio!”
“Man,” AJ sighs. He looked a lot healthier the last time I saw him. “How long has it been since we recorded a song? A month? Feels like forever…”
The last time we worked on a song together was when AJ finally came back from college and they won number one with the first song I wrote the lyrics for. We were both surprised that it happened. “Hey!” Soohyun calls, and breaks my Konglish conversation with Kevin and AJ. “Let’s not waste any time! We need a new song for our comeback! Our fans are waiting for us!”
AJ turns and smiles at me, “I’m ready. Are you ready, Asela?”
I smile back, “Let’s start recording!”

I always want to meet U-Kiss in person. U-Kiss, acronym for Ubiquitous Korean International/Idol SuperStars, is a Korean boy group whom I’ve been fan of since 2010.  My friends, Sarah and Emily, introduced me to U-Kiss’ music along with other boy groups like Super Junior, SHINee and 2PM. They were huge K-Pop fans and they wanted me to listen to artists they recommended. U-Kiss was one of the artists. At first, Super Junior caught some of my attention because of their song Sorry Sorry but I did turn my head a little to U-Kiss when they played Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul, and Not Young (FYI: I wasn’t that into K-Pop at the time, but I was still interested in the genre). After I listened to my friends’ recommended artists, I kept listening to U-Kiss’ music and I watched their variety show appearances online. Sometimes, I would daydream that I was working with them. U-Kiss, those seven boys, made a deep impact on me as a person—especially during my first year in college.
At the end of my senior year in Folsom High School, I thought I was going to be a singer, travel to Korea, become a trainee in a big company, debut in a group, and become popular then. In a way, my mind was set to become a singer. I really thought I could be a singer based on the music videos, including U-Kiss’, and practiced in my bedroom like my room was my stage and my stuffed animals were my audience.  In fact, I sang as a harmonized alto in the school choir for four years including three years in middle school.
I was convinced that I was going to become a singer and show everyone that I was a diamond-in-the-rough people were waiting to see. I even told myself, “U-Kiss would be proud of me for going after my dream!” However it wasn’t my dream to sing in front of an over a crowd of over million people, but I didn’t bother to sit down and think if I really wanted this.  
It was hard to convince my parents on my musical career. They, especially my mom, kept asking me if this was really what I wanted, “You should learn other things than just stick to one thing. You’ll never know if you’ll be a singer or not. You’re going to regret it if you don’t try!”
I was annoyed by their constant advice. My mind set on being famous, I thought nothing would change. In order to convince my parents that I could succeed with a music career, I practiced during my free time in my room with songs to fit my vocal range and freestyle danced to any fast, energetic music. I was determined to prove them wrong.
During my practice, I handpicked and sang U-Kiss songs for auditioning big name companies through video auditions. Since there was a rarity of singers singing U-Kiss songs, I thought I would be the first. “Man,” I thought, “if I become a famous singer, not only I prove my parents wrong, but also I’ll meet U-Kiss! Heck, I might work alongside them!”
I wasn’t sure what song I should sing. So, I asked for help…

“Should I audition with ‘Believe’ or ‘Forbidden Love’?” I ask AJ while we stroll through the busily streets of Seoul. Even though I am good friends with U-Kiss as a whole, AJ and I had gotten close since I started working for NH Media. I guess we’re close because we both attend different US colleges. We also consistently work in the studio and often run into each other. Thus, our friendship grew after we talked a lot during studio session. Today, everyone is out working. Hoon and Kiseop left early to go record for a show called, “Dream Team”. Eli is hosting “Simply K-Pop” at Arirang studio. Soohyun and Jun are recording a new episode for “Star King”. I think a dance group is guest starring there. As for AJ and me, we’re on a break from working in the studio. I figured, since we’re on break, it’s the right time to practice. I asked AJ for choosing which I should audition for. AJ was taken back at first—I don’t know why he reacted that way—but he gladly agreed to help me.
“You’re,” AJ still stunned that I want to be a singer, “really going to audition?”
“Why not? Since I’ve been working with you guys and helped you win your first music show win, I figured it’s my turn to take center stage!”
AJ scratches his head, “Yeah but—”
“Oh! How about this song?” I clear my throat, “Na ajikdo neoreul jiul su eobseo. Jakkujakku niga saenggangna. Niga neomu bogo shipeo. Bamsae hansumdo jal su eobseo.”  
AJ nods and makes what it looks like an approved face, “Hm.”
“Do you like it? It’s one of your guys’ hit songs ‘0330’!”
AJ nods again. I’m now curious and worried. “Do… you like it?”
He finally answers me with a careful smile, “It was nice. You might want to work on that breathing though. And try to sing louder.”
I did what he instructs me. I start singing again from the top, “Na ajikdo neoreul jiul su eobseo. Jakkujakku niga saenggangna. Niga neomu bogo shipeo. Bamsae hansumdo jal su eobseo.”  
AJ opens his mouth when we arrive to find Kevin waiting outside of the studio. We look at each other and wonder what Kevin is doing here. We approach to Kevin with a greeting smile on his face. “Hey guys!” Kevin said cheerfully.  
I wave at him. “Hey Kevin! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be appearing on a variety show or something?”
Kevin shook his head, “Nope! I’m off today! I see you guys are working in the studio as usual! Always making music. Can I join you guys?”
AJ smiles at him and gestures us to enter, “Why not? I was just helping Asela with her audition song.”
Kevin tilted his head, “Audition?”
“Yup!” I said proudly, “I’m going to be singer! Just like you guys!”
Kevin’s smile changes into concern look and he quickly turn to AJ. He gives him the same face expression when I asked him for help. I look at the two’s silent conversation and clear my throat, “Um…is there something you guys aren’t telling me?”
Kevin takes a deep breathe and said in a careful tone, “Well…er…Asela…as a friend…I, I mean we, no I mean I don’t really see you as a…singer…”
My mind starts racing with questions and shock. “Oh…why?”
 AJ quickly stops and change the subject, “Hey, how about we start working? We can’t stay on break forever!”
I scrounge my face and try to ease our brief, awkward conversation, “Stop Boy! In The Name of Love! And tell me, Kevin, why you don’t see me as a singer!”
AJ pat my head and laughs, “Very funny and let’s talk about that next time. Right now, we need to get back to the studio and work on new songs!”
As AJ goes straight to the recording room, Kevin gives me a weary smile. “Maybe next time?”
I wonder what they’re trying to say to me…  

I graduated from Folsom High in May 2012. My good friends and I smiled at our accomplishments, threw our blue caps in the air and celebrated the four exhausting, thrilling years in high school. Each of my friends cheered brightly like they wanted to chant “Freedom!”
“We made it!” They cried. “I can’t wait to go to college! University, here I come!”
I should’ve joined in on the festivities, but all I could think of was… this is going too fast. While I forced myself to smile with my friends, I couldn’t help but reflect on what I did in high school.
I thought about how I’ll miss the Quad where students—both underclassmen and upperclassmen—had a quick chat before they headed off to class, the classes I’d taken from choir to digital art, and the friends I had made throughout my four years attending the school. I was carefully listened to my friends’ after-high-school plans and my worries started to build up inside me like mixing two dangerous chemicals—panic and feeling left behind—in a tube filled with normal water to create one huge explosion. I was worried that I hadn’t made a plan of my own. I didn’t really think about what college I wanted to attend, let alone choose a major.
While I practiced in my room, my level of worries escalated. As I entered community college, I met more classmates and friends who had bigger ambitions for a career and graduating from college early.  
From left to right, they spoke passionately, “I’m going to get my associates of science degree in ________ and hopefully I’ll transfer to __________ once I graduate.”
They were confident when they said, “I work at ________ right now, but I’m going to get my degree and go to __________ for my bachelor’s degree.”
And there I was. My “dream” wasn’t as passionate as my friends even though we were all attending the same community college. I was scared to reveal my ambition to sing for a living whereas I wanted to major in music. Some of my friends had musical ambitions as well, but they were more active, sharing their talents in public while I was just practicing in my room. Even though I transferred to a different community college for better education, I still felt worried about my future. I compared myself to my friends in universities, and those who had stable jobs were actively performing. I thought of how envious I felt because they were actually doing something with their lives—not singing and dancing in their rooms like I did. I wanted to cry just thinking about it.
I thought to myself, “What would U-Kiss do in this situation?”
I closed my eyes and fell into my daydream…

“Asela,” AJ gently speaks and pat on my back. “What’s wrong? Why do you look so down?”
We are sitting on my cream couch in my apartment. AJ came to visit because, in his words, he felt like it. I guess he noticed my troubled look when he came over and sat next to me. I try to give him a smile. “Oh it’s nothing really…”
“Nothing? Are you sure?”
“Hey, where are the others?”
“Kevin and Eli are hanging out somewhere in Seoul. The rest left to film for a variety show. But don’t change the subject. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing! I’m just…”
“Just what?” AJ asked gently
Unexpectedly, my tears start running down my cheeks. “I feel like I failed! I just…my friends are out there! Doing something with their lives! Going off to a university! Working in a paid job! And here I am! Being a lazy butt and all I did is nothing comparing to theirs! I’m scared I may not be successful as I thought. I’m…scared….”
It is out. The truth is finally out. As much as I want to think I’m achieving something, all I do is dream up picture of my career and figure that is my life. AJ sits and listen to my confession, “Asela…”
I sniffle, “Yes?”
“There are two things I want to say and this is just my opinion. First, this is a daydream. We’re only your imaginary friends even though we’re real people in real life. We haven’t met except for your daydreams.”
Wow. That’s true but ouch.
“Second, why are you comparing yourself to others? Have you thought about what you really want with your life?”
“Okay,” I sigh, and trying to stop crying. “I haven’t but—”
AJ stops me, “Is being a singer really your dream?”
I rub my temples when he asked me this question, “Why do you ask?”
“Seriously, is it really your dream?”
I sit in silence and thought about it for a while. “I…guess?”
AJ frown and sighs, “Asela, do you remember an interview I had in Korea about my dreams and goals?”
I nodded.
“And do you remember what I said about Columbia and my future with U-Kiss?”
I nodded again. “What’s your point?”
“The point is,” he explains. “I didn’t give them up because they were my dreams I know I’m working for. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am right now. I didn’t realize what I wanted to do until I reached a certain age.”
“Meaning you’ll get your chance. Just try new things and see what fancies you.”
I sigh. I couldn’t help but agree with him. He is right. I was so concerned about my future in jeopardy that I didn’t think about what else I could do to be successful and happy.  
Maybe that’s what Kevin was trying to explain last time we hung out. They’re trying to explain this to me about my dream is and what I’m really good at. I wipe my tears with my sleeves, “You know, you sound like my parents!”
“Well, they’re right. Parents are usually right…most of the time.”
I laugh and let out another sigh, “Well, time to head back to reality. I need to go to my first class tomorrow.”
AJ smile and hug me. “Good luck! I know you’ll be fine. Your time will come.”
As I drift back into the world of college and finding myself, I heard AJ singing one of my favorite songs by them in the background, “You get some right. You get some wrong. Although tiring, the day to smile will come. When you fall down. When you get up. Although tiring, the day to smile will come. Eventually, that day to smile will come.”  

 After my sit-down chat with AJ, I put my music dreams aside. I didn’t give up on the dream, but I think of it as more of an idea than a general passion to pursue. I took his advice in consideration and tried to find other things that might spark my interest.
A year past since my high school graduation, I moved and transferred to another community college, Klamath Community. I took mostly general ed. classes during my attendance at Klamath Community. Even though I struggled to find my dream and major, I wasn’t willing to cave in from working through college courses. I finally found relief when I enrolled in a class that I never thought I found happiness in: poetry. I figured it was just for fun and I thought I wasn’t a good writer. Why not start something new right? I didn’t think poetry was fun, until after I learned so many ways to write from ransom note to a simple haiku. I went home and looked up this new career I never thought existed: creative writing. Creative writing could range from writing poetry to writing fiction stories. I wrote some of my own pieces, both in and outside of class, and presented them to my parents. In my mind, I thought they might nod and said, “Good.” I assumed they might think my work was okay, but my writing wowed my parents. My mom wouldn’t stop praising my work and proudly said, “I think you can write and tell a story very well! You can make a good living out of this!”
My dad even smiled, “I’m really glad you found something that fancied you.”
I was so overwhelmed with joy that I almost burst into tears. But they were happy tears. I made my parents happy with my writing. It was the best thing that happened to me since I listened to U-Kiss. After I showed my work to my parents, I decided to major in English (emphasis on Creative Writing).  
After I found my major, I applied and received an acceptance letter from one of Oregon’s universities, Southern Oregon University. I visited the campus and expressed my passion to attend there for my degree. It was the most artistic university, actually the first university I visited. After I got accepted into SOU, I was content to know that I’m one step closer to getting my degree in Creative Writing. After my spring term at Klamath Community, I will transfer to Southern Oregon University in the Fall as an English major.
As I continue to improve my writing and honing into my creativity, I let out a sigh and smile. I finally feel like I actually did something with my life: majoring in English (of all people, I didn’t think I would study in that field), writing new things, and my level of worries had decreased. I feel like a huge weight just lifted off of my shoulders.  
Throughout my achievements, I realize one major thing—I didn’t compare myself to others this time. Even though my friends, including close friends who were in a similar field of study as I am, made bigger achievements, I naturally smiled and gave my congratulations to them. I was really happy for them, but most importantly, I was happy for myself. Not only have I found a major that can take me far in the future, but also…I finally got my time.
Who knows? Maybe my next achievement, with my English/Creative Writing degree, I will be writing for big name artists…including U-Kiss. Not as a singer, but… as a writer.  
I thought to myself, “I can see U-Kiss smiling down on me right now…”

In my daydream, U-Kiss smile and wink at me.  
I smile back and shouted, “Thank you, U-Kiss!”
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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 (I'm only going to tag at least one to two people here because I have some awareness that many of my friends will less likely to go this... ^^;; )

1. If you could have any accent in the world, what would you have?

Either British or Australian. ^^ 

2. Your favorite movie/TV show that everyone else hates?

They're not my favorites, but they're the kind of shows/movies I enjoy at times. I barely remember what shows/movies most of my friends dislike, but let me list the ones I can think of from the top of my head: 

  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 
  • Digimon 
  • Even Steven 
  • Angelic Layer 
  • Pokemon 
  • The Powerpuff Girls  
  • The Fairy Odd Parents   
  • Rent 
  • High School Musical (especially the third movie. Hey, it was decent for me. *shrugs*) 
  • ...and others I don't recall at this moment...  ^^;;

3. Your least favorite movie/TV show that everyone else likes?

  • Adventure Time 
  • Full House (K-Drama, not to be mistaken for the American show)  
  • Spongebob Square Pants (only the newer episodes) 
  • Any parody stupid movies like Vampire Sucks, and Scream series 
  • Astro Boy (the movie, not the animation series)  
  • ...and others I don't recall at this moment... ^^;;

4. If you could date one person in history, who would it be?

Like in music history? World history? US history? History in general? Um.... I would like to have a chat with any historical figures, but never on a date... 0.0

5. What religion are you? Do you practice religion at all?

I don't have any religion, but I do believe there is a God. I'm too open-minded to stick with one religion. ^^;;

6. What was the best fanfic you ever read? Unless you've never read a good one before, in which case, skip.

I only read one decent fanfic, but other than that, I refuse to any more fanfics. 

7. Have you ever had a dream where you met a famous person or fictional character you really like? If so, do tell!

I think so... I ran into Hagrid from Harry Potter and how it happened can be found in my poem here.

8. If you were a superhero, what would your weakness be?

Living in fear of being watched (question: does a demigod count as a superhero?)

9. What is your dream job?

A lyricist/producer for music artists from around the world.  

10. If you could have any pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

I already got two cats so... a horse maybe. :D

1. Name enough voice actors (English only) that make excellent boy voices. Boy, not guy or men, voices!

Depending on the situation... a few actors, though not voice actors in general, I can think of right now are Freddie Highmore,  Dante Basco, and Jason Marsden. 

2. If you were to have any special abilities, what would they be?

Psyhic abilities, telekinesis or control all four elements (water, earth, fire, and air) like Aang from "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

3. In your opinion, does the term "moé" have to mean female? In other words, are male moé acceptable?

Well, we have androgynous models... so... I don't see why not. :P 

4.  What's your general definition of the word boy? Give at least three examples.

My definition of a boy? Uh... a gender opposite of a female and has masculine features. 

  • has a deeper voice 
  • they don't have sagging bust (well, if some boys exercise and choose to have six-pack abs I should say...)
  • a human being who not only should allow to express emotions and stand up for what's right, but also treat everyone equally and respectfully - especially the girls.

5.  Do you think male transvestites or "traps" (boys who look, act, and think like girls) are an abomination to the world and therefore should never exist? Or should they be given respect?

I think they should be given respect. I mean, if that's what makes them who they are and they're happier to look, act and think like a girl, then what's there for me to stop them? We're all human beings and we have feelings. It would be hurtful if we take away one small, but very important thing that makes them who they are. In fact, I think people who considers men  who, you would say, "transvestites" are oblivious and should never exist. Too bad we have too many of those who think men who looks, acts, and thinks like a girl are a disgrace.  

6. What kind of characters do you find most "appealing"? The most "appalling"?

Most appealing? Based on looks or characteristics? I think Regina from "Once Upon A Time" is appealing because while she's the evil queen and treats people like garbage, she sometimes shows a softer side towards her son and cares about him deeply. For appalling... hmmm... the newer Spongebob. I'm sorry, but I can't stand the new Spongebob. 

7. Name a fictional character of your choice (please specify what kind if there are many versions of the character) and write down the first thing you would like to say to him/her.

Percy Jackson, 

Thank you for saving the world from Kronos and teaching me how to be a leader and a friend. 

8. You are caught in a situation where you have to choose between rescuing a tied up, gagged, and sobbing little boy and a 16-yearold schoolgirl who can never control her gainaxing (breast bouncing, if wondering). Which would you choose and why?

The little boy because the guy clearly is hurt by some reason... while as the girl is the stereotypical girl, which (horny) guys would love to stare at. Even if I try to stop and help her control her, ahem, problem, (perverted) guys will still stare at her. Honestly, it would suck if (horny) guys stare at the girl because of her knockers. I would ask her to come help rescue the boy and we all walk home together.

9. When it comes to people, would you go for the original or a knockoff? 

Both because for original, I can learn a lot from them while the knockoff I can also learn from, but also create things I learn from both original and knockoff and make it my own. ^^

10. If you were given the chance to nominate someone for the Shonen Academy Hall of Fame and/or as a Shonen Icon, who would you like to nominate? You can pick as many as you want and put at least one good reason why. Look here for more details. (NOTE: You may NOT nominate one of the staff members!) 

I would say Inuno because he has went through pretty intense moment when he was abandoned, but he still has a playful side and a smile on his face. 


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  1. How are you today? 
  2. Favorite movie(s)?
  3. What was the last book you've read? 
  4. Here's a MV by a K-Pop sub-unit group called "Rainbow Blaxx". It has some sort of story going on and tell me what you think this video was about. 
  5. Are you in school right now? High school or College? Do you like your school? Why or why not? 
  6. Favorite food(s)? 
  7. Any Disney movie you can relate to your own life? 
  8. Favorite video game(s)? 
  9. How much do you spend your time on deviantArt? 
  10. Any last words before you go off on your day? 


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